Word lists and translation

2 Feb

It’s kind of hard to imagine word lists which do not include translation equivalents. If you have a problem with the use of mother tongue in the classroom, have a look at my blog / handout on translation (see the Blogroll on the right).

Without getting into more details about this now, here are a couple of quotes I like:

  • Far from being outmoded and ineffective, the learning of lists of translation pairs can be very effective in acquiring large amounts of vocabulary very quickly. (Milton, 2009, p.231) There is evidence that retention [of vocabulary in lists] is better with L1 glosses than without . (Groot, 2000, p.61)
  • All the criticisms of translation can equally be applied to other ways of representing the meaning – they are not direct, they do not exactly represent the meaning of the word, and they take time away from using English (in the case of pictures). (Nation, 2008: 109)

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